Searching For The Expert College Basketball Picks Of The Season


As the National Collegiate Athletic Association make its expert college basketball picks, folks wait patiently for the results as they too, are their experts as they have their list of names separated in several teams.




North Carolina Tar Heels top the pick lineup for the season. When the Tar Heels' big athletes join the rank once more this season, they will certainly be one tough team to beat as soon as Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Tyler Zeller return.




Kentucky Wildcats placed in second in the expert college basketball picks for this season. The top players are Anthony Davis, Michael Gilchrist and Marquis Teague but with the addition of fresh talents including Deandre Liggins, Doron Lamb and Darius Miller, the group's chemistry changes. They were victorious in the previous season and they may be in it again this coming one.




The Duke Blue Devils may not a great season if they cannot complete their top three pick without Kyrie Irving which everyone doubts could make a comeback. The battle between the Duke and Tar Heels is a crowd favorite na may once once more be this season as both struggle to win ACC.




What is new on the Ohio State Buckeyes? The much awaited return of Jared Sullinger and William Buford may just happen. The next season looks promising and they may just get enough to join the ranks of the Big Ten. 




Despite Tristan Thompson and Jordan Hamilton's plea to stay with the Texas Longhorns, they may change their minds and thing are going to be changing unexpectedly. The Longhorns will be faced with a lot of limitations just in case they lose Thomson. Even if this happens, they still have many talented players to match up other teams and could possibly grab that title. And they do need to concentrate on the game and not be bothered by any problems just like they have been in the past.




Great game to the Syracuse Orange though despite placing third on the Big East, they felt quite disappointed having the  turnout of events last season. The Orange may are saddened with Rick Jackson gone but they have all the right reasons to face their future in the following season with much optimism and they're capable enough to provide another big talent.




Top seven for the expert college basketball picks could be the Louisville Cardinals. This team cannot wait to prove themselves this season to show they can do better than their 25 win.




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